San Jose NPC Night Show



Rasa (left) awarded her 2nd place trophy in Women’s Figure

This last weekend we had two of our competitors participating in the 33rd annual San Jose NPC competition. Since it was my first time attending a competition, I brought a friend from out of town that was coincidentally visiting  to the night show with me. The show was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center and was nearly sold out.  We had a Men’s Physique competitor and a Women’s Figure competitor. Unfortunately John, our Men’s Physique competitor, did not trophy but he looks and feels great at the age of 46!! Rasa, our Women’s Figure competitor, places second in her class! She had some stiff competition against the Overall Women’s Figure competitor winner. I was not able to stay for the whole night show, but I was able to see Rasa on the stage. At first I did not recognize her with her tan. She looked magnificent on stage! During her training she was very nervous and unsure about entering the competition, but when she was on stage I saw that she had more confidence. We are proud of John and Rasa for competing in the show and are excited for the October show where we will hopefully have two more competitors competing!!


John and Rasa with her trophy


Rasa and her trophy


John 1 day after the competition

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