Could you believe 5 out of our 6 weightlifting clients are in the age range between mid-40’s to upper 50’s?  This is no longer a young person’s sport!  Since I became certified for USA Weightlifting in May of this year, I am impressed on how much progress our group has made.   There are three of our lifters that need to lift a few more kilos and qualify for national masters competition.

Currently a few of us are pursuing to meet national qualifications by November, 2015.   To do this a lifter must compete in a USAW sanctioned event and have two referees confirm the qualification totals.   This would make a lifter(s) eligible to compete at national level events and represent the USA.  I’d like to aim for the April Pan American Games in Puerto Rico.

POWERLIFTING [me deadlifting]

First of all, too many people are confused by the term “Powerlifting” versus “Weightlifting” (aka Olympic –Style Lifting).   Although they share similar exercises these are two entirely different genres of sports.   Almost all of Sweat Studio clients have already performed some style of Powerlifting.   They consist of the Barbell Deadlift, Barbell Squat and the Barbell Bench Press.   On the other hand, Weightlifting consists of two lifts; The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  However, development exercises for Weightlifting include a more aggressive style of a Barbell Squat and Deadlift.

I am currently pursuing a powerlifting competition to hopefully  break the current American Record in my class.  My first attempt may come in early 2016.


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