Sweat Studio offers a wide variety of fitness programs.  Some clients may excel faster than others.  Not all programs are ideal for everyone however if a client were to learn the entire collection it may require 136 to 224 hourly sessions. The duration to complete all programs listed below may take 1 to 2 years if a client were to train a minimum of 10 sessions per month.    Learning the entire collection may escalate a client’s ability to go beyond the knowledge of a typical personal trainer.  Upon completion of all these programs does not necessarily classify someone as an expert, however it does broaden physical abilities to an elite state.

Each program below has 3 tiers (levels of instruction).  The Development level is learning or a cognitive stage where the trainer is spending more time with instruction, demoing and modifying exercises.  At the Associative level the trainer concentrates on improving performance of the client in which training requires some corrective actions.  The Supervisory level is when client has reached adaptation in the specific program.  Very little corrective action is needed, but observation and suggestive interaction is still important.

(12 to 20) = This signifies how many sessions it may take to level up from development level.


BSS-01 General resistance training  (12 to 20 )

Basic exercises of the gym for every group, learn approximately 60 exercises

BSS-02 Kalesthenics (6 to 12)

  1. Moving your body weight basics
  2. Moving your body weight intermediate
  3. Moving your body weight advanced (plyometrics)

BSS-03 Advance resistance training  (12 to 20)

  1. Supersets and Circuits
    1. General
    2. Opposing
    3. Compound
    4. Planes
  2. Advance Exercises of the gym for every group

BSS-04 High Intensity resistance training 1 (6 to 12)

  1. General Tabata (BW)
  2. Using Weights
  3. Using Plyometrics Integration


SSS-01 Combination Movements (12 to 20)

  1. General Circuit 3×3, and 3×10
  2. Opposing Circuits 3×3
  3. Compound Circuits 3×3

SSS-02 Boxing/Kickboxing (12 to 20)

  1. Basic Stances and Movements (no equipment)
  2. Pad Drills
  3. Bag Drills
  4. Advanced Combination Drills
  5. Development Exercises

SSS-03 Bodybuilding Programming (12 to 20)

  1. Building phase: Compound exercises
  2. Building phase: Sequencing, programming,
  3. Building phase: Diet and supps.
  4. Cutting phase :Types of exercises
  5. Cutting phase: Programming
  6. Cutting phase : Diet and supps.

SSS-04 Sport Performance (12 to 20)

  1. Building endurance related muscles for a specific sport, addressing imbalances
  2. Creating mimicking exercises and program design.
  3. Cross training supportive muscles and muscle balances

SSS-05 Powerlifting (12 to 20)

  1. Assessing power and starting data.
  2. Mastering the exercises
  3. Cross training exercises
  4. Competition Mock Meet

SSS-06 Weightlifting (Olympic-Style) (20 to 30)

  1. Basic support drills and warm ups
  2. Types of lifts (lengthy)
  3. Enhancing the technique
  4. Development Exercises
  5. Competition Mock Meet

SSS-07 High Intensity Interval Training 2 (20 to 30)

  1. Crossfit WOD “Girls”
  2. Crossfit WOD “The New Girls”
  3. Spartan 300
  4. Strend Routine

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