Polar Loop Week 2

Here is the Polar Loop report for Week 2.  This week was with the wrist band alone.  Like most activity trackers the loop is using a movement sensor to track activity along with the profile attributes you have entered in their online application.   Next week I will be conducting tests WITH the loop paired with the H7 chest strap heart rate monitor on specific days.    My activity has been consistent on a weekly basis.


Update your gadget tech and you’ll enjoy more leisure time.

Someone recently asked me, “How the hell do you do all these things you do?”  Well it’s no secret it’s about improving your business efficiency on a daily basis. You’d be surprised how much more you can get done by improving your gadget technology. Take time to learn the features of your smartphone, tablets and PCs. Most likely you’ll be more productive and have more time to enjoy other things.


At least have 4G.  It’s been available on most carriers for nearly 3 years.  If you have multiple mobile devices, I would not suggest paying for a data plan exclusively for your tablet.  ‘Hot Spot’ devices are more ideal, they are small and easy to mix-match with any other device.  For example,  if you purchase an iPad with a data plan but plan to go offsite to use your laptop, you’ll need to bring your bulky iPad everywhere you go rather than a HotSpot; small credit card sized gadget.


Unless your job or use requires heavy computing tasks, I would consider purchasing  an Ultrabook or Mac Air. Thin is in! And you may end up using it more because it’s much easier to carry around!  I hate to say this, but too many people are using Mac Pros and a vast majority are using it for basic tasks while the device was designed for a heavy multimedia demand.  If you are an average user,  a MacPro is overkill!


A bluetooth headset is awesome for business use.  Not only you can answer calls with your phone, you can listen to music and watch video without the hassle of the cords this is great while at the gym! Get a bluetooth mouse too and you’ll have an extra USB port for connecting other things.


If you are still using Android 2.x Gingerbread, or Apple iOS 5 it’s like driving in the slow lane on the freeway.  Currently most users should be using Apple iOS6 and Android 4.2.


  • Google Drive: forget sending file attachments by email, too much spam and risks. Almost everyone has a Google account and it includes Google Drive along with it.  It’s a great way to transfer larger files such as videos and music.  Transfer any file with anyone from any device, it’s fairly easy to use.
  • Get HeyTell: sometimes texting is too slow, also it’s often that a text can be misinterpreted as ‘rude’.  HeyTell is like a two way walkie-talkie where you can hear the expressions of your contacts voice. It’s not for everyone but it’s great when you have this alternative line of communication. There are also other similar applications to HeyTell such as Voxer.
  • Google + and Hangout: Even if you have an Apple device and Facetime, remember you can still use Google Hangout. It is capable of communicating with 9 other people.    This allows both Apple and Android users to communicate with each other within groups while Facetime, well…. is just for Apple users.
  • Google Chrome Browser: for most devices it’s significantly faster than other browsers including Safari.  HTML 5 Support is much better too, so means you can view more websites correctly.
  • By implementing all or just a few of these tips you’ll discover that life seems to be a little more simpler each day. -JD

What are the most popular fitness classes today?

Recently I have been doing some research on what fitness classes are in high demand based on what classes gyms are offering. Sweat Studio is hoping to open Continue reading

Getting in Shape is a Simple Equation?

Most of us heard “Calories In” vs “Calories Out” is the simple rule to weight loss or gain. The technical term is know as “The Laws of Thermodynamics” : “in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state.” Simple enough? Not likely. Our human bodies are significantly more complex to just apply a simple rule to achieve a weight loss formula. I don’t want to make things difficult by becoming too technical and elaborate into an equation that will give you a headache but let’s consider evaluating the main principles to make your equation feasible. Continue reading

Inaccurate Apps

There are many apps such as MyFitnessPal that are proven to be inaccurate for nutrition planning because almost all of the shared nutrition data is inputted by it’s users NOT professionals so some fields are incorrect or left blank. Although the bar code feature is pretty cool, but how often are you going to use this feature if you already have the item in your database and you eat the same foods daily anyway?