Polar Loop Week 2

Here is the Polar Loop report for Week 2.  This week was with the wrist band alone.  Like most activity trackers the loop is using a movement sensor to track activity along with the profile attributes you have entered in their online application.   Next week I will be conducting tests WITH the loop paired with the H7 chest strap heart rate monitor on specific days.    My activity has been consistent on a weekly basis.





We are proud to have established Sweat Studio as the place to go for first time fitness competitors.  Since 2008 we have seen 10 of our competitors hit the stage while taking home a total of 26 trophies to date!  Every year the demand for our competition training increases and every year we continue to enhance our program.   Having this competition team has shown to boost value of the company especially when one of our competitors does well or places with a trophy.  For 2014 we will continue to offer our support. We welcome first timers, novice and seasoned candidates to inquire about our new competitor sponsorship program.


Type of Competitions:  Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini.

Type of Organizations: NPC, IFBB (Non- Drug Tested) and Natural Organizations: INBA, OCB, IFPA, NANBF, PNBA (Drug Tested)


–          100% competition expenses paid: (valued at $500 women,  $300 men)

–          10 personal training sessions at 55 minutes each. (valued at $550)

–          Full Nutrition Consulting Support (valued at $200)

–          Free gear, sweats, shirts, hats if any (valued at $200)

–          2 years promotion photo shoots/videos,  competitor website pages (valued at $250)


–          50%  competition expenses paid  (value: $250 women, $150 men)

–          (10) 30 minute personal training sessions (value: $275)

–          Full Nutrition Consulting Support (valued:  $200)

–          Free gear, sweats, shirts, hats if any (valued: $200)

–          2 years promotion photo shoots/videos,  competitor website pages (valued: $250)


–          Natural competitor preferred

–          Must Meet Physique Requirements

  • Bodyfat Female: <18% 8 weeks out, <16% 4 weeks out.
  • Bodyfat Male: <12% 8 weeks out, <10% 4 weeks out.
  • Ideal symmetry and muscle proportions for category

–          Promotional agreement (to be completed within 6 months)

  • Participate in 2 photo company shoots. (1 hour each)
  • Attend at least two company events (2 hours each)
  • Representation of company’s images and products

A Committee determines approval  of sponsorship and  the competitor’s physique and progress is evaluated every 4 weeks for continuance of sponsorship support.  Sponsor may cancel or suspend terms at any time with written consent.  Use of EfitX application is important. (point system enabled on app to determine usage) Sponsored competitor will approve that some media content selected will be used for promotions.  Requirements including the sponsored competition must be completed within one year of date of agreement.



The NPC is a large organization and these shows are more recognized by the IFBB, Arnold Classic, and the Olympia.  If you want to pursue any of these leagues or the big ‘O’, it’s a must you compete in the NPC first.   These events are not drug tested therefore you may find it very difficult to place in the top 5.  If you decide to stay natural, you can try out the INBA, OCB, IFPA competitions.   These are usually smaller shows, but at least you will be competing on more fair grounds.   Drug Tests are performed on the day of event usually from urine and costs about $60.   Although these events are drug tested, it doesn’t mean that competitor has been free and clean all their life.   In the amateur division it’s possible to cheat the system but of course I am advising you not to do it anyway if you can.   Some athletes may bulk up using banned anabolic substances 6 months prior to the show.  Also some of these so-called natural athletes may take diuretics pills during their training cycle to drop more subcultaneous water. As they approach closer to show time, they stop these substances, and wait for the traces to subside.  While anabolic, enhancers and steroid products may stay in your system for weeks, months or years, diuretics and water pills may only stay in your system for a few days.  So yes, there are cheaters.   However, once an amateur earns a pro card, they may be obligated to random testing making abusing substances very difficult.  You’ve probably heard similar stories on the news of professional athletes getting busted and usually abuse is discovered during the off season. Whether you decide to take banned substances from the WADA prohibited list or would like to do it the hard way by staying clean, every competitor needs to do a thorough job researching these over-the-counter products.  There are way too many products using misleading terms and descriptions.   Now don’t be completely discouraged if you decide NOT to take banned substances and  compete in the NPC.  You don’t need to rule out every supplement, there are many safe and effective products. So, it is still possible for a natural to win big in an NPC show.



NPC Men’s Physique started 3 years ago and is still new to the industry but since then the competition has become really stiff. Some NPC events in California total more than 100 Men Physique competitors alone.  Every year men are becoming more chiseled into that perfect beach body.   Sometimes it makes you wonder, on how abdominals can take shape the way they do.   We’ve seen lean abdominal mid-sections before in magazines and on TV, but today to be a contender in the NPC league you may need a mid-section so freaky that may seemingly defy nature.  But, is this natural?

The main focal point for Men’s Physique is to have a well ripped mid-section.  But for most guys, we may not have the luxury and genes to develop this with training alone.  Therefore if you want to become a top competitor in the NPC most likely you will need to take substances such as diuretics, performance enhancers, and sometimes anabolic products.  But I strongly advise to avoid these banned products if not absolutely necessary. There are too many risks and danger for developing long term health problems.  If you plan on becoming  a professional athlete or compete in other events, depending on the type of substance, some traces may stay in your system for days, perhaps weeks or even months or years.  Testing positive may disqualify you temporarily or even in some cases for life.

I myself compete in both natural competition and non-drug tested competitions.  I have several trophies but being a true natural competitor, I find it very difficult to compete in the NPC.  I started fairly late so currently at age 46 and 5 foot 3, I’m one of the eldest and shortest competitors in Men’s Physique.  My age makes it very difficult to develop ripped abs to be a good contender in the NPC.     To make things even more challenging, I’m usually competing against guys over 6 feet tall because there is only one class category for age 45 and up.   Also, to compete in the Open Class category where there are no age restrictions, is a task and a lot of extra work for those that want to avoid banned substances.   The bottom line is everyone needs to understand their own purpose of doing the competition in the first place.  Some people just want to prove something, others want to build a career upon the sport.   I do it because it’s fun, educational, and it helps me enhance my personal coaching abilities to train more fellow competitors.


Women Physique competitors are judged by physique, presentation of routine, asthetics and more characteristics than Men Physique competitors.   Symmetry becomes the main aspect and if you have ripped abdominals that would be icing on the cake.  Because size is not a huge factor as in Women’s Bodybuilding,  it’s very possible to become a contender as a natural.


NPC Figure and Bikini competitions that remain clean from banned substances, can do well in competition.   The judging for Figure has toned down the past few years and that ‘Hard’ look may not be what judges are looking for.




There are a lot of resources you can find online to get started as a competitor.  You can find a lot of 12 to 16 week programs costing from $300 to $600.  But beware, you may discover that a vast majority of these are actually a rip-off.   The common problem is that coaches just want your money and offer very little support in the long run.  Sometimes you may pay for a 16-week program that is a simple template recycled from one competitor to the other.  Now, perhaps in some cases this program will work, but what reason why a coach should charge their client over $800, $1000, $1500 for this document?!  Is there some secret technique included that is worth this much dough?  Are you paying for several personal training sessions too?  Is this coach offering hours of consulting valued at this price?

Hiring an established pro-competitor is sometimes a good decision but in most cases is not a guarantee that their program will work for you.   Even if you decide to hire a certified personal trainer, they still may not have the appropriate knowledge or experience on what a competitor needs.  We suggest to find a coach with multiple qualifications relevant to your type of competition.  An example would be an active competitor, with a personal training certification and with experience training other competitors.

The Sweat Studio Training Team has the credentials.  We boast 22 years of Certified Personal Training, extensive nutrition experience, 6 years of training competitors AND our team are still very active competitors; something to keep in mind.  Over 10 competitors have hit the stage and our team has brought home over 26 trophies.

The Sweat Studio Team cares about our image and reputation too, we highly promote staying natural and encourage all competitors and clients to stay clean and avoid any banned substances listed by WADA.   Besides aren’t you hiring a coach based on their expertise and their ability to get you fit safely and quickly?  Taking banned supplements can be referred to as cheating and when you are cutting–corners you are putting risks on your health.  If you have a coach that is stringent on taking them, then perhaps this coach does not have the true expertise to get you ‘competition ready’ without  using them.  And how much are you paying for these services again?




–          Bodyfat: Female must by under 22%, Males under 18%

–          Symmetry:  Ideal balance and proportions of specific muscles related to the competition category

–          Profile: General Information, Medical History, Fitness assessment

–          Statistics: Gathering of Measurements, weight , body fat, strength test, pictures


Structure and schedule of the program are all customized based on what the competitor needs.  All Macronutrients, Nutrition, Supplements, Basic Exercises and techniques will be customized and adjusted specifically for each phase.  There are 4 different phases that are implemented throughout the 16 week program.

–          Bulking Phase: 4 weeks

–          Cutting Phase: 4 weeks

–          Bulking Phase 2: 3 weeks

–          Sculpting Phase: 3 weeks

–          Peak Week: 7 to 10 Days.



Competitor will do their best to follow up to 4 provided menus.  We provide some guidance and suggestions on how to food prep these specific foods.  Menus will be adjust accordingly to the way the competitor progresses and any foods that are not on these lists need to be approved by the coach.  General supplements will be recommended these may include:  vitamins, protein shakes, Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAA), L-Glutamine.  Any other suggested supplementation will have been thoroughly researched to stay within the guidelines of WADA (World Anti-Doping Association)


Keep in mind that the reason why we want and are capable of sponsoring competitors is to promote our product EFITX; our professional virtual coaching application.  Competitors should make the effort on using the application.

We support competitors very frequently, but we have realized that the competitors that actually succeed on stepping on stage are the competitors that have good communication with their coach.   Our last three competitors had something in common that became an important aspect on why they were able to compete within a few months. Two of them used our app EfitX/Efit Tracker to enter their nutrition and although the third competitor did not use EfitX, she provided screen shots of MyFitnessPal and communicated by email almost on a daily basis.   The more your coach can see what you eat on a frequent basis, the more they can guide you in the right direction.   Now, we actually don’t like coordinating a program utilizing MyFitnessPal because the lacking ability to share appropriate data between coach and client.   Our app EfitX was specifically developed for that reason.   It’s really simple to use, just learn it and put the effort to use it.  It was designed with features on what coaches would like to see and provides a real-time connection between the two parties reducing procrastination and lag time in the program.   It’s significantly quicker and efficient than sending your food journal by email, it’s faster than writing on paper. And it’s all electronically and shared in the cloud.  EfitX makes life much easier for your coach to manage and make adjustments to your program.


Posing coaching should begin no later than 8 weeks out of competition.  Occasionally the posing practice will be video recorded for competitor/coach evaluation.  Remember posing presentations may differ from Organization to Organization.  NPC Men’s Physique posing is completely different from INBA Men’s Physique posing!  For Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Fitness, a routine is required and we can support in your choreography.   We will sometimes outsource additional assistance if needed.


We have the sources for competition suits, tanning, hair and make-up and all the important aspects for show presentation.  Our program will provide competitors a schedule to purchase these items, book travel plans if any, and provide a check list.


On show day, only competitors will be allowed backstage.  So when Sweat Studio has a competitor at a show, we usually have a fellow competitor or coach that may be competing as well.  This peer may assist you back stage with any issues with aesthetics, posing, or perhaps administration.    Pictures, video and media footage is an important part of the sponsorship so be prepared for photos before, during and after the show.


First of all, if you’ve read all the above and meet the physical requirements, contact  Sweat Studio for a free consultation.  Currently only 3 Class A sponsorships and 3 Class B sponsorships will be available for Through March 2014 .   Depending on the outcome of these specific shows, more sponsorship support may be offered.   Send email to: john@sweatstudio.com

Next show!

NPC Muscle Evolution

February 8th, 2014

San Jose Convention Center


Job Posting – Executive Assistant – Sunnyvale, CA area.


How would you like to learn a lot about staying fit?  How would you like to learn on how mobile technology can be integrated into the fitness industry?  We need team players to help accelerate our innovation and productivity!

Sweat Studio is an innovative personal training studio located in Sunnyvale California. Other than one-on-one personal training services the facility operates 95% paperless and has developed EfitX; it’s own virtual fitness application.  This new product opens the doors to new exciting opportunities and possibly an expansion of the facility within the next few months.


Title: P/T Executive Assistant

Reports to: President

Term: 90 Days possibility to permanent.

Hours Needed: A few hours between 1pm to 8pm on various days, 1 to 2 hours on weekend. Some hours may be worked offsite depending on task.

Weekly Hours: 10 to 30

Compensation: Hourly and Monthly Bonuses

Hourly Rate: $12/hr. to $18/hr DOE

Monthly Bonuses: $100 to $500 depending on type of projects and the quality of the work performed.

Date Start: Immediately

Qualifications: Some college background. Mobile device savvy. Familiar with Social Network postings and company pages.  Article writing experience.  MS Excel, MS word, Web search experience especially with Google applications; Email, Drive, Hangout, Docs, and Plus.  Travel and event booking experience.

Helpful Experience: HTML, CSS or web publishing experience. 1 to 2 years fitness or nutrition related experience.

Job Description: The assistant will be a good multi-tasker with good organization skills and will be enthusiastic towards fitness and nutrition. Some duties may include coordination of appointments with clients and staff trainers. This individual will learn how to create a client nutrition menu using EfitX.  The assistant will be responsible on updating social network sites on Facebook, Word Press and others along with proof reading content prior to publishing.   Assistant will be participating as a representative at promotional events such as fitness competitions, marathons and festivals.

Keeping the facility in operation is part of the responsibility. The assistant should be capable of handling any walk-in inquiries, offer an on-the-spot tour and schedule an appointment with customers .  It’s important to stock up on items such as hand towels, water, paper towels, toilet paper, air freshener, soap and customer amenities.  Clean occasionally equipment, restroom, trash, windows, mirrors and vacuum.  Keep facility organized.  Being present when delivery of products are expected and fulfilling operation duties when the manager is not present is a plus.

Send resume and cover letter to:

John Destacamento


Sweat Studio, Inc.  a California Corporation.

Thanksgiving Meal Calories! And how much exercise needed to expend these calories?


SPOILER ALERT! Reading on may hinder your enjoyment of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Read at your own risk! 

It’s time to endulge, it’s time to celebrate, it’s Thanksgiving!   It’s an American tradition to feast away on that last Thursday of November.  So how many calories are you consuming in just that Thanksgiving meal alone?  Let’s do some research on a typical meal and break it down using our very own Sweat Studio web app EFITX.  Our Thanksgiving meal will include:  Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, Cornbread,  Corn, Peas, Pumpkin Pie, and Red Wine.

6 oz. TURKEY

Eat  just the breasts?  NOOOO!  It’s Thanksgiving, let’s eat a leg or a thigh including the skin!  348 calories. Mmmmmm Gravy 2oz = 30 calories.  How about a bit of cranberry sauce? 2 oz. = 86 calories.  Total = 464 calories

1 cup MASHED POTATOES = 256 calories, Mmmmm more gravy! 2 oz= 30 calories, Total = 286 calories.

1 cup SWEET POTATOES = 204 calories, this is plain sweet potatoes with no additives.

2 oz. STUFFING = 216 calories,  Kraft stove top mix.

3 oz. CORNBREAD = 225 calories

½ cup CORN =  67 calories

½ cup PEAS = 63 calories

6 oz. PUMPKIN PIE = 414 calories  (what? no whip? Don’t worry you’ll get whipped later, by your personal trainer, haha.)

8 oz. RED WINE = 192 calories (1 glass is that all really?)

Thanksgiving Meal = 2,131 calories


Thanksgiving meal ONLY when compared to the RDA attributes of a person eating 2000 calories per day. Using Efitx.com


We can calculate the amount of exercise needed to expend this meal.   Now, don’t be fooled by most wearables!  Although wearables are  great for scoring points and evaluating  your effort day by day, they are still lacking accuracy for calculating true calorie expenditure.   Currently your best device (available to the public ) to calculate calorie expenditure  is a heart rate monitor.  So based on our Sweat Studio heart rate monitor statistics and other sources we can determine the following approximations:

Heart Rate at: 65 to 75% THR ( typically between 130 to 150 bpm depending on your age)

Type of exercise: Run, Run-Walk, Elliptical, Stair Climber,  anything equivalent that will sustain an average of  65 to 75% heart rate.

  • Body Weight: 100 lbs to 120 lbs,   6 hours, 30 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 121 lbs to 140 lbs,   5 hours, 35 min= 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 141 lbs to 160 lbs,   4 hours,  50 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 161 lbs to 180 lbs,   4 hours, 10 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 181 lbs to 200 lbs,   3 hours, 45 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 201 lbs to 220 lbs,   3 hours, 20 min= 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 221 lbs to 240 lbs,   3 hours, 8 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 241 lbs to 260 lbs,   2 hours, 55 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 261 lbs to 280 lbs,   2 hours, 40 min = 2,131 calories
  • Body Weight: 281 lbs to 300 lbs,   2 hours, 30 min = 2,131 calories

–          John

EFITX ; Transforming yesterday’s fitness professional to tomorrow’s fitness professional! 

Visit EfitX.com!

 It’s FREE!

Dynamic Start-Up Specialist for Mobile Applications

Hey! I’m temporarily available for hire at a reasonable rate!

John Destacamento – Web Engineer/Developer/Multimedia


SUMMARY:  I provide both front-end and back-end programming to develop mobile and desktop applications with coding scripts that are ideal for social media, marketing, managing employees or product, forecasting sales and many other uses.

SKILLS:  HTML 4/5, CSS,  PHP, Javascript,  client-server administration, graphic design, video producing and editing, audio/music production and sound engineering.

SERVER HOSTING:  When you register your .com or domain name then I can provide the rest.  You will have the option to host your data on your own dedicated server OR on my fast high-end server located at a tier 3 hosting facility.  Next step is to set up the tools needed such as Webmin, Apache, MySQL , Postgres and other applications on your server to make your hosting dynamic and customizeable.

AUTHENTICATION:  Create a company’s member database.  I can create your own system that allows your visitors to create a user name and password, retrieve, change and delete their information.  Many types of management and marketing tools such as user activity, reports and trends can be created through these scripts all customized to your needs.

POSTING  SCRIPTS:  Facebook began with Mark Zuckerberg scripting with PHP.   I code with PHP and capable of many similar implementations that exist on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Some scripts can allow users to post a text message, a photo, video or link to a video.  A post or page can be a public, shared or private .   Multiple users can post on the same page, make comments or even ‘like’ or ‘vote’ on postings.  Customization and management features can be integrated.

MESSAGING SYSTEM: 2-way, 3-way, group messaging system that functions similar to SMS but with use of your mobile devices web-browser.  The system is capable of sending photos.

OTHER TYPES OF POSTING SCRIPTS: The scripts I code can be used to create “user favorites” for choosing a product within a company database included with search features.  Users can create and store customized presets with many types of implementations.  Math calculations can be integrated within these scripts.  I can create your own exclusive mobile accounting software that may include proprietary algorithms if necessary.




I can design customized graphics including your company logo and develop your website with HTML 4/5, CSS, and PHP features.   Instead of static design with multiple pages, clever PHP scripts can create full pages ‘on the go’ based on the click of a specific button.  The website may include customized pop windows, drop down menus, vertical and horizontal with inset scrolling of any size.  Some features were exclusively developed by me.



We live in a gadget world and today a company must have a mobile presence!   If  you already have a website but NO mobile version or your mobile version is generic and boring,  I’m available for hire to enhance your mobile business capabilities.   If your needs is to just post information, then perhaps you should use WordPress or Weebly BUT if  your business wants to entice customers and keep them coming back,  you’ll need more.  Also, you can improve your business efficiency significantly by offering online tools such as: mobile posting feeds, forums, web calculators, charts, graphs, user database, a sharing infrastructure and much more.

Basically, I’m for hire to design a mobile web application that looks, navigates and has the feel of a native downloaded app but with the capabilities of heavy duty functions such as accounting functions if you like.   No downloaded needed to your mobile phone!  It’s a type of user interface that is NEW to the mobile industry and not many (if not any) can deliver this type of style.  When you partner with me I can include Video Production, Graphic Design, Sales Presentations and Desktop Website development.  The cost of video production and editing can become very expensive,  in the past I myself have paid over $3,500 for a 1 minute info-commercial segment. Now it’s possible to deliver this quality for less than $1500 utilizing production techniques and savvy editing skills.  Graphic designers can cost more than $90 per hour, Web Developers at $150/hr, and Sales Specialists at $250/hr, and application engineers can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour.   Can you imagine how much a small company would need to salary budget if they were to hire all these contractors separately?   Why not hire one individual or a small team that can do it all?   Save yourself time and money.   As of now, my starting rates are at $75/hr!

I have a 4 hour project minimum. For a free quote on your project email me at john@sweatstudio.com

Serious inquiries only!

Mountain View Art & Wine Festival


This past weekend the Sweat Studio Team was in full force at the prestigious
Mountain View Art & Wine festival. Throughout the two day festival we performed well
over 200 complimentary body fat measurements, carried out fitness demonstrations, 
had visits from old friends and met many new ones! With temperatures reaching into
the mid 90s festival-goers cooled off with refreshing ice cold beer, wine, and frozen
lemonade as they shopped, browsed the art on display, and enjoyed the day. 
One of main highlights of the weekend was the premier of Efit X ! Our display of the
newly revised version of Efit Tracker attracted many people to the booth as Efit X's
updated technology is superior to other electronic nutrition and exercise management
systems on the market. It was exciting to present Efit X to the residents of the
Silicon Valley and we were pleased to be able to spread awareness to passerby's of
all walks of life. Overall the festival was a big success and we look forward to
participating next year!