What if you can compete in Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure or Bikini Competitions for FREE?

Being a competitor especially a female figure or bikini competitor can become expensive.  When you consider just the basics needed such as a suit, heels, tan, make up and enrollment fees it can easily average over $800.00 for your first show.  This price tag goes up when you need personal training, coaching, travel and lodging.  Some competitors may find themselves spending near $2000.  To some it’s well worth it, let’s face it, you are showcasing a physique that many wished they had.  Plus all the potential opportunities that may come your way from the publicity.    After you get through the first show, it’s easier to your pocket with spending expenses averaging about $450 , given the fact that you no longer need personal training and coaching while excluding travel and lodging. Continue reading