10 annoying things members may do in the gym. 2013


  1.  “Dude, you should just walk instead.”   Running on the treadmill with heavy feet is annoying.   I won’t get into the details on how running heavy is bad for your knees and hips, but wouldn’t you feel awkward if you were the only person out of dozens making this excruciating pounding noise?
  2. “No thanks, I’ll pass on your fungus.”   Not wiping your personal excrete after the use of a machine is rude.  Your mom does not work here, and if she did she’d make you clean it up anyway!
  3. “Boom-badda-boom! Yeah did you hear that?  Did you hear that 400 lbs buddy!  I don’t care if you didn’t see it, I just care if you heard it?”  There is a place where you drop weights and a place you don’t.  If it’s a private, powerlifting or Olympic gym please DO drop your weights, that’s fine.  However if you are in a more crowded personal environment, it’s the loud unexpected noise that becomes the distraction for others trying to lift with proper form.  It spoils concentration to others while lifting intense reps.  Also, most gyms do not have the proper space for powerlifting, have you ever dropped a heavy dumbbell and it began to roll towards someone’s toe?  “NO!!!”
  4.  “Damn it! I searched the entire gym and still can’t find any 20 pound dumbbells!” Putting away your weights in the correct place will make life so much easier for others, c’mon guys. Also, don’t grab several dumbbells for yourself and hog them.   Those things you call “Drop-Sets” aren’t there other ways you can do them?  And here is my personal pet peeve;  I weigh between 135 to 140 lbs, and I lift pretty heavy, more than most dudes that weigh over 180 pounds, BUT I re-rack my weights 95% of the time along with other weights that I didn’t even use.  While most guys are too lazy to do that themselves even when it’s lesser weight to return to the racks!
  5. “Is that girl/dude still on that machine?!, “  Don’t hog a piece of equipment, sit too long and text while someone is waiting.  I admit, I’m guilty sometimes!  But I’m learning to look around to see if anyone is thinking about using the equipment I’m on.   Sometimes you will see someone glance at you, maybe they are checking you out? Maybe you have a chocolate smudge on your face from that bar you have just ate?  OR MAYBE that person that glanced at you is planning to use that equipment next?  Go figure!
  6. “Wow good job, you got my attention, you’re the greatest, now can you please go over into that corner and do that what-ever-you-call-it exercise.”   Don’t get me wrong there are unique exercises that are worth ‘showing off’ but don’t make up stuff and do your promotional dance in front of us.
  7. “Finally, an available treadmill!  Wait…. What’s that smell?!”  No further explaining needed.
  8. “Is it okay if I work in? Oh sure! Just after Paul, Jenn, Jerry and Mike get their set in too okay? “ Asking to work-in when there are already 2 or more people already working-in is just wrong.  There’s gotta be another piece of equipment you can use.
  9. “OMG, she’s in my space!”   Specifically for group class people;  NO. You do not own a particular space in the group class room.
  10. “Nice set bro.  Now stick two more 45’s on there and let me show you how it’s done.”  Lift heavy, and challenging other gym mates is fine, but wouldn’t it be logical to spend time encouraging gym mates not insulting them.  You may feel like the alpha-male in the gym now, but don’t underestimate the small guy next to you.  There is this saying in the music business that can be applied here, “Be nice to the people on the way up, because eventually you may see them on the way down.”  If you choose to inspire and be humble about it, perhaps you will embed a respectable image that may last a lifetime.

– John