Getting in Shape is a Simple Equation?

Most of us heard “Calories In” vs “Calories Out” is the simple rule to weight loss or gain. The technical term is know as “The Laws of Thermodynamics” : “in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state.” Simple enough? Not likely. Our human bodies are significantly more complex to just apply a simple rule to achieve a weight loss formula. I don’t want to make things difficult by becoming too technical and elaborate into an equation that will give you a headache but let’s consider evaluating the main principles to make your equation feasible. Continue reading

Is it okay to do Biceps and Triceps in the same workout?

Is it okay to do Biceps and Triceps in the same workout?

“Is it okay to do Biceps and Triceps in the same workout?” Answer is both Yes and No. Yes, if you are lifting at moderate intensity and plan to loosen up the muscles afterwards. NO, if you are lifting heavy within the 6 to 8 reps failure range. The biceps and it’s counter muscle the tricep oppose each other during movement. When both muscles have been trained intensely in the same workout, contractions in both muscles may occur simultaneously. This is common during physical or recreational sports where motor units miss-fire resulting in hamstring tears. Thus tricep or bicep tears during weight lifting. Look up ‘Reciprocal Inhibition’ for more detailed information.

Chest or Back Day?

Back-and-Chest-Workouts-for-MenChest and Back day? What muscle combinations should be trained on the same day? If your goal is muscle development many combinations will work. A simple rule of thumb; is today’s workout should not exhaust muscles that are related to primary movements that will be pursued within the next day or two.

Cardio Before or After Lifting Weights?

--TEFC-SERVER-RedirectedFolders-nfalco-My Documents-My Pictures-Blog Article Images-What Is More Effective Cardio or Weights-resized-600Cardio before or after lifting weights? If your weight routine will be anaerobic; either moderate to heavy lifting or high intensity that spikes your heart rate up and down, do cardio AFTER. If your weight routine is going to be circuit training or aerobic thus non-stop exercises that create a more steadily heart rate; do cardio BEFORE.

Going Brutus Working Out

What I mean by ‘brutus’ is going brutal.  that’s exactly how it went the past few days.  Monday was a busy morning and I had very little energy for an afternoon workout but as usual I focused and got it done. 

I overhead presses 250 lbs; a personal best on one of the plate loaded shoulder presses.  My workout partner and I began with back: Lat pulls was a selectorized machine instead of the regular cable pulley. Moved onto the DB bench row, bilateral pulls and finished with the Hoist Roc It Back Extension machine.  Remember try something different frequently to avoid adaptation. Continue reading