Cardio Before or After Lifting Weights?

--TEFC-SERVER-RedirectedFolders-nfalco-My Documents-My Pictures-Blog Article Images-What Is More Effective Cardio or Weights-resized-600Cardio before or after lifting weights? If your weight routine will be anaerobic; either moderate to heavy lifting or high intensity that spikes your heart rate up and down, do cardio AFTER. If your weight routine is going to be circuit training or aerobic thus non-stop exercises that create a more steadily heart rate; do cardio BEFORE.

Going Brutus Working Out

What I mean by ‘brutus’ is going brutal.  that’s exactly how it went the past few days.  Monday was a busy morning and I had very little energy for an afternoon workout but as usual I focused and got it done. 

I overhead presses 250 lbs; a personal best on one of the plate loaded shoulder presses.  My workout partner and I began with back: Lat pulls was a selectorized machine instead of the regular cable pulley. Moved onto the DB bench row, bilateral pulls and finished with the Hoist Roc It Back Extension machine.  Remember try something different frequently to avoid adaptation. Continue reading