San Jose NPC Night Show



Rasa (left) awarded her 2nd place trophy in Women’s Figure

This last weekend we had two of our competitors participating in the 33rd annual San Jose NPC competition. Since it was my first time attending a competition, I brought a friend from out of town that was coincidentally visiting  to the night show with me. The show was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center and was nearly sold out. Continue reading

What are the most popular fitness classes today?

Recently I have been doing some research on what fitness classes are in high demand based on what classes gyms are offering. Sweat Studio is hoping to open Continue reading

What if you can compete in Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure or Bikini Competitions for FREE?

Being a competitor especially a female figure or bikini competitor can become expensive.  When you consider just the basics needed such as a suit, heels, tan, make up and enrollment fees it can easily average over $800.00 for your first show.  This price tag goes up when you need personal training, coaching, travel and lodging.  Some competitors may find themselves spending near $2000.  To some it’s well worth it, let’s face it, you are showcasing a physique that many wished they had.  Plus all the potential opportunities that may come your way from the publicity.    After you get through the first show, it’s easier to your pocket with spending expenses averaging about $450 , given the fact that you no longer need personal training and coaching while excluding travel and lodging. Continue reading

Getting in Shape is a Simple Equation?

Most of us heard “Calories In” vs “Calories Out” is the simple rule to weight loss or gain. The technical term is know as “The Laws of Thermodynamics” : “in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state.” Simple enough? Not likely. Our human bodies are significantly more complex to just apply a simple rule to achieve a weight loss formula. I don’t want to make things difficult by becoming too technical and elaborate into an equation that will give you a headache but let’s consider evaluating the main principles to make your equation feasible. Continue reading