Becoming a Personal Trainer

So you want to become a personal trainer? Great! You are choosing a very rewarding career but to be successful it’s important to evaluate the bigger picture. The first step is to become certified, but which certification is best for me? Should I enroll at a college or take an online course? After I become certified, then what? Continue reading


For exercise beginners, weight training twice per week and perhaps two 30 minute sessions of cardio can deliver results.  Unfortunately, our bodies adapt very easily and within a few weeks this type of effort is not enough to make a significant change.  As a person gets stuck in a plateau an appropriate method is to implement the FITTE method into their program.   If you change 3 of the following procedures below perhaps you may break that plateau! Continue reading

Wonder why you weigh more than you did yesterday?


Don’t get upset if you are exercising and eating properly and the scale is 3 lbs higher than yesterday. Did you know the average meal weighs. 0.4 lbs? Did you know that a 16 oz bottle of water is approximately 1 lb? How many meals and how much water do you drink per day? Did you know excessive sodium contributes to water retention? Did you know some of your food will be synthesized to muscle development? Did you know that our bodies digestive system may fluctuate from day to day? Do the math now.

Chest or Back Day?

Back-and-Chest-Workouts-for-MenChest and Back day? What muscle combinations should be trained on the same day? If your goal is muscle development many combinations will work. A simple rule of thumb; is today’s workout should not exhaust muscles that are related to primary movements that will be pursued within the next day or two.