For exercise beginners, weight training twice per week and perhaps two 30 minute sessions of cardio can deliver results.  Unfortunately, our bodies adapt very easily and within a few weeks this type of effort is not enough to make a significant change.  As a person gets stuck in a plateau an appropriate method is to implement the FITTE method into their program.   If you change 3 of the following procedures below perhaps you may break that plateau! Continue reading


Air Conditioning while Exercising?

Ribbons on a FanTrainers mention this to your clients! Don’t blast that air conditioning when you exercise! You expend more fat when your body is hot and thermogenic! Exercising is supposed to be uncomfortable! Sweating is good! You don’t sweat if it’s too cold! You’re putting yourself at higher risk of injury when your muscles cool off. Just remember to hydrate.

Is it okay to do Biceps and Triceps in the same workout?

Is it okay to do Biceps and Triceps in the same workout?

“Is it okay to do Biceps and Triceps in the same workout?” Answer is both Yes and No. Yes, if you are lifting at moderate intensity and plan to loosen up the muscles afterwards. NO, if you are lifting heavy within the 6 to 8 reps failure range. The biceps and it’s counter muscle the tricep oppose each other during movement. When both muscles have been trained intensely in the same workout, contractions in both muscles may occur simultaneously. This is common during physical or recreational sports where motor units miss-fire resulting in hamstring tears. Thus tricep or bicep tears during weight lifting. Look up ‘Reciprocal Inhibition’ for more detailed information.