What are the most popular fitness classes today?

Recently I have been doing some research on what fitness classes are in high demand based on what classes gyms are offering. Sweat Studio is hoping to open Continue reading

Becoming a Personal Trainer

So you want to become a personal trainer? Great! You are choosing a very rewarding career but to be successful it’s important to evaluate the bigger picture. The first step is to become certified, but which certification is best for me? Should I enroll at a college or take an online course? After I become certified, then what? Continue reading


For exercise beginners, weight training twice per week and perhaps two 30 minute sessions of cardio can deliver results.  Unfortunately, our bodies adapt very easily and within a few weeks this type of effort is not enough to make a significant change.  As a person gets stuck in a plateau an appropriate method is to implement the FITTE method into their program.   If you change 3 of the following procedures below perhaps you may break that plateau! Continue reading